Разработка и производство
физиорефлексотерапевтических аппаратов
"AZGAR" ltd
Physio- reflexotherapeutic apparatus
reserarching and manufacturing
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8, Storogevskaya str. P. O. 16, 220002 Minsk, Belarus
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Limited company “AZGAR”

Limited company “AZGAR” (LC “AZGAR”) is registered officially 20.12.1995. The director of the enterprise is Sergey Pavlovich Ogurtsov.
The main activity category is: production of medical instruments, apparatus and equipment; repair of instruments and equipment; medical activities; installation, adjustment, technical maintenance and service of medical apparatus.

Scientific research and production.

According to activities in development and production of medical equipment for physiotherapy and acupuncture reflex therapy in 1999 was patented an invention“The way of acupuncture diagnostics and treatment and the device for this procedure” in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation.

For physiotherapy and acupuncture reflex therapy by LC “AZGAR” were developed apparatus “REFTON-01” series and the company have been producing them since 1995.

In production our enterprise uses high technology process. A number of accomplished projects in production and software were acknowledged in the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries.

LC “AZGAR” providesa customer with a chance to order equipment with different functions according to client’s needs and demands:

• with different functions (types of application) and with any combination of: GT (galvanic current), SMC (sine-modulated currents), DDC (diadynamic currents), EMS (electromiostimulation), CT (cycle type of influence), F (flucturization), MLT (magnetic- laser therapy);

• according to quantity of channels: from 1 to 2 of galvanic channels;

• for physiotherapy or reflex therapy;

• range of additional accessories (laser tips and equipment);

The cost of the device depends on a type, function combination and channels to apply. Also we provide a discount system. Warranty period is no less than 12 months.

We ship our equipment to different medical institutions (state and private) in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.
LC “AZGAR” performs scientific and educational work to promote application of the presented physiotherapeutic equipment. LC “AZGAR” together with State Educational Institution of”Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education” (SEI BelMAPE) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus developed in 2013 the second methodical manualfor physicians and nurses titled “Electric- and Magnetic laser therapy with using of apparatus of “REFTON-01” series”.

On the department of physiotherapy and health resort of SEI BelMAPE there are organized educational workshops on the matter of using of apparatus of “REFTON-01” series in practice.

Collaboration with State authorities.

In the Republic of Belarus health care system has a very distinctive regulation because the Governmentensure a free medical help for all country citizens.

LC “AZGAR” collaborates actively with State authorities who are in charge of health system in the Republic of Belarus including the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus, regional authorities and health committee of Minsk city and treatment and prevention institutions of public health in the Republic of Belarus.
LC “AZGAR” has a capacity to produce about 4000 apparatus a year.

Perspective plans of development.

LC “AZGAR” constantly performs scientific research activities and uses in production the newest developments and own technical solutions to improve a quality of produced equipment. For now a new generation of apparatus with new functions and modern software which was developed by LC “AZGAR” is passing an official registration.

Selling of the equipment produced by the company.

During years of successful work ofLC “AZGAR” in development and production of medical equipment the company have made a reliable partnership with a number of enterprises.

In Russia: “Kaskad- FTO” (Moscow), “KIL-M” (Moscow), “City-MT” (Moscow), “RODKAR” (Saint- Petersburg), “Medicine league” (Saint- Petersburg), “Marimed” (Krasnodar), “Madin” (Novgorod), “Rehabilitation technologies” (Novgorod), “MASTER-MED” (Essentuki).
In Ukraine: “Academy of health” (Kiev).
In Moldova: “Restmed” (Kishinev).
In Georgia: “Medica” LLC.